Apartment Therapy’s January Cure – Weekend 1

I’m an avid reader of Apartment Therapy. It’s one of those things that people love to hate – lots of articles with dictatorial titles about how you MUST organise your home, coupled with beautiful photographs and enough genuinely helpful tips to make up for the bizarrely fervent imperatives to hang your artwork at a particular height or light candles at every meal.

The website has inspired me to do a lot of things in my flat, from reorganising all my cupboards and drawers to finally hanging my noticeboard and wall planner properly. I’d say a good 50% of the credit for how nice my home looks now has to go to AT for inspiring and pushing me to get on with things. And now it’s inspiring me to blitz through the entire place and make sure that every nook and cranny is clean, with the January Cure.

Basically it’s just a list of fairly obvious household jobs, one of which is emailed out every weekday. I’ve looked through the monthly plan and all of the tasks are things I could easily just decide to do myself, but the point is that most of the time I probably wouldn’t! So I’ve signed up, stuck every task into a checklist on my trusty HabitRPG to-do list and done the first part of the first task: bought flowers as a gift to my home. I’m actually regretting my choice of flowers a little bit – I went for five purple tulips because they hit a balance between price and prettiness, but they’re too tall for my small vase and too short for my tall one, so look a bit silly. But they’re a good visual reminder of my project, and add a nice bit of colour. Next week (buying flowers is a weekly assignment) I will buy something different.

And now, I must go and tackle the other part of the weekend task: cleaning all of the floors. Vacuuming the entire carpet (including moving all the furniture – sometimes I skimp on this, and don’t bother shifting the dining table or the armchair, but those are the main culprits for crumb and paper collecting) and scrubbing the two sections of hard floor, both of which are perpetually mucky from Paige’s slovenly tendencies. I’m posting this mostly because I need the accountability – if you’re reading this post on Monday or later, please comment and demand that I confirm I’ve actually done it!

If anyone wants to join the Cure alongside me, that would be great. You don’t need to have a blog – if you’d like to post about your progress each week you’re welcome to comment on my update posts. On that note, I’m off to clean!


5 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy’s January Cure – Weekend 1

    • Hehe yes I have! The floors are gloriously clean, my table has a vase of tulips which I’ve finally managed to persuade to look nice and did I mention that the floors are clean? Also I did ALL THE WASHING UP. This is seriously a big deal. It’s like a once a year occurence that I reach the bottom of the pile of things to wash. But even the salad bags and empty jam jars are clean! I love the January Cure.

      Thanks for keeping me accountable! 😀

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