A Magnificent Return

Well, it’s been a fair old while, hasn’t it? For a while I thought I’d just stopped blogging entirely, but lately I’ve been having a few thoughts about blog posts I want to write – or more accurately, blog posts I wanted to read except that they don’t exist yet. Life has been taking interesting twists and turns, causing me to learn and grow in ways that might be useful, or at least entertaining, to other people.

I worked as a family worker for just under six months, but at the end of my probation period it was decided not to keep me on. I won’t lie, it was fairly devastating. I’m still processing how I feel about what happened, and what it means for my life in future. I did nothing wrong, my employers did nothing wrong, but we could all have done things differently. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, though.

Since the end of March I’ve been babysitting, gardening and typing in an ever-varying ratio. Naomi finally had kidney surgery in April, to correct the structural defect which caused the sepsis drama last August (she had an open pyloplasty to reconstruct her left uretero-pelvic junction, if you want to try this at home (don’t try this at home)) and just two weeks later she interviewed for a place on a clinical psychology doctoral training course. This has been her dream for years, and she did it! She was actually offered two places, which is not bad going for someone who emerged from the final interview saying “I don’t think this will be my year… I think I really messed it up…”. After some debate and pondering, she accepted one of the offers and we will be moving to East Sussex some time in July or August.

I’ll write in more detail another time about what I will be doing when we’ve moved – I won’t be applying for any jobs, but will probably keep up the transcribing and babysitting as a sideline. Mainly I will be running our home, supporting Naomi to do her doctorate and dealing with all the admin faff that we generate between us. Some of the posts which are in the pipeline include an overview of our camping rig-out (tentatively titled Holidays with the Travelling Pharmacy), an exploration of personal identity and success when you reject, or are rejected by, conventional career choices, and a step-by-step record of my venture into making my own clothes.

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