Facing the Future

It’s been something of a whirlwind few weeks. Actually, it’s been something of a whirlwind year!

July 2nd was the anniversary of Naomi and I meeting. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year, and hard to believe that it’s only been a year. So much has happened, some of which I’ve blogged about, and we both feel that in many ways it has accelerated our relationship by testing it in nearly every conceivable way.

More tests loom: in August, we will be moving house. Not only will this be the first time we’ve lived together, we’re also moving over 100 miles (or 135, depending whether or not you can fly) to a place where neither of us knows anyone yet. The process of finding ourselves somewhere to live has felt little short of miraculous. Only a few days after I had posted a desperate plea for ideas as we were struggling to find anywhere suitable in East Sussex, we received an email responding to our similar plea on Gumtree. The sender had a cottage in East Sussex, and she was moving for work. The bathroom was on the ground floor and she would be very happy for a cat and even a dog to live with us there. Were we interested in renting it?

For a while neither of us dared hope it would work out – it seemed too perfect. The cottage was absolutely beautiful, it had a huge garden, the rent was within our budget, the location was ideal, the owner seemed both reasonable and responsible. Not until we had viewed the cottage in person, signed the tenancy agreement, talked through what furniture would be left and what would be stored, and paid our deposit and first month’s rent, did we allow ourselves to finally trust that we have found our new home.

Moving house has never been something I’ve really enjoyed, despite quite a bit of practice. This time, though, I’m hoping it will be more bearable than normal. For one thing, we’re going to hire a removal company who will do the last bit of packing for us, load the van, drive everything down to the new house and unload it. The final few hours of packing and the loading are where I tend to come unstuck and start dissolving into stressed, panicky puddles of misery, so it is easily worth the cost to ensure that we all survive the process.

Living together will be a learning curve, I’m sure. Naomi is used to getting up early for work, and by necessity as well as nature has a much better routine than comes naturally to me. In some ways I think it will help me to have her example and support, but I’m also concerned that I could delay her or disrupt her routine when my sleep patterns aren’t great. This month I’m making a concerted effort to get into a proper sleep schedule once and for all. I talked to my GP who gave me two weeks’ worth of sleeping tablets; we agreed that I would take one tablet a night for three or four days, then half a tablet for two or three days, setting an alarm to wake me up, to try and kick-start a better pattern.

I’m a couple of days into this process and although I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, it is helping. I still take an hour or two to fall asleep, but now it’s an hour or two after taking the tablet around 9pm, rather than an hour or two after going to bed at 10.30pm, and I sleep soundly until morning. Taking a whole tablet, which is actually only half the suggested dose, gives me what the Internet tells me is called a “zopiclone hangover”, and I certainly wouldn’t be safe to drive before lunchtime, if at all, so I’m looking forward to reducing it to half a tablet tomorrow night and then ditching them altogether at the weekend. Hopefully, the remaining tablets will find themselves back at the pharmacy being disposed of – I have no intention of getting dependent on them, that wouldn’t help in the slightest!

Once the worst of the morning fuzziness has worn off, I’ve been trudging through my extremely long list of things to do before the move. Currently progress is stalled until I hear back from the removal company to confirm the move date, but honestly I probably could (and should) start packing things up anyway. My excuse is that the boxes are in the attic, which I can’t reach by myself… That isn’t a good reason not to finish recycling and shredding all the paper that seems to have taken over my room though!


2 thoughts on “Facing the Future

  1. We’ll miss you but I am glad to hear it is coming together. Let’s try to meet again before you go?

    As for the moving… No comment 😉

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