Putting Down Roots Down South

I bet you’re all on tenterhooks to find out how the move went! I’ve been online a lot less frequently than before we moved, simply because there’s so much else to do (and also because we didn’t actually have internet in the cottage for the first two weeks). However, this evening it is raining outside, Naomi is studying statistics, the cat is in the garden, the dog is asleep and I am catching up on blogging.

That sentence gives you a peek into some of the things I’ve been busy with: we’ve got a garden! And a dog! Both of those are worthy of their own introduction, so I will write proper posts on each, but for now let’s recap how the move went.

People, professional movers are wizards. The man from the removal company arrived at about quarter to ten the morning before we moved, and by about 1pm everything I owned (except for Paige’s litter tray, food bowls, blanket and travel case, and my rucksack of overnight things) was packed into boxes and loaded into his van. Then we drove over to Naomi’s and packed everything of hers except the bed, her overnight things and her racing wheelchair which was going to travel in Naomi’s dad’s car for safety. It was all done by early evening!

When I moved from Birmingham to Cambridge, it took fourteen hours to load everything into the van and finish packing the boxes, and I’d started two weeks earlier. This time we had at least twice as much furniture in two different places and it took about eight hours. The next morning we had a couple of hours of packing the last things, including dismantling the bed and fitting the large fridge in around everything else, and then Naomi and I went back to my old flat to collect Paige who we’d felt would be happier staying put with my flatmates until the last possible moment.

Unloading at the other end was almost as quick, although sadly they didn’t actually unpack all the boxes and put things away so that’s still a work in progress. We went from about fifty boxes when we arrived to perhaps five now, which has meant lots of trips to the recycling centre as the recycling bin filled up almost instantly!

The first couple of weeks were really busy with appointments, registering with the GP, vet, library, council and so forth, trips all over the place to make arrangements for Naomi’s doctorate course and other important things, and also getting to know the area. We went to Greenbelt (a Christian arts and social justice festival) over the Bank Holiday which was really good, albeit a bit soggy at times, and to my friend Susannah’s wedding the first weekend of September. All in all I think we drove at least a thousand miles in August, possibly more. It’s amazing we’ve managed to get anything done in the house at all, but we have… as you will see in another post.



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