Yoga with my dog

Benny is a natural at yoga – his favourite resting position is one we like to call “froggy doggy”, where his back legs are splayed out behind him and his pelvis is flat against the floor. Sometimes he lies down and carefully maneuvers his legs into this position, but other times he begins in a downward dog position, then raises his head to stretch his back legs right to the tips of his toes, and allows his feet to slide out from underneath him.

Christmas froggy doggy – he likes unwrapping presents

I’m not nearly as flexible as that, and I don’t particularly want to be able to swivel my hips 180 degrees and lie flat on the floor, but I would like to be a bit more supple. I’ve also got ongoing discomfort in my shoulders and upper back; this is partly due to a tendency to tight muscles that I’ve inherited (hi mum! Hi granny!) but also thanks to my terrible posture. Add to all of that the fact that my brain goes 100 miles a minute and I am not very good at simply being, and the upshot is that yoga would be great for me.

I’ve looked into going to a yoga class several times. When we first moved here, I found there was a Ballet Fit class at the local sports centre. The idea of combining ballet techniques with yoga seemed intriguing, but also terrifying. When I think of ballet, I think of tall, thin, beautiful young women with perfect poise and grace. That’s not a description I would apply to myself! Yoga brings to mind athletic, bendy, healthy-eating overachievers who get up at 4am to meditate and wear Lycra at every opportunity. That’s not me either.

So not a yoga class, and certainly not a ballet-yoga class. YouTube videos would be good except that I’m not good at motivating myself to do something when there’s no specific time, no deadline and no accountability. Basically, I gave up on the idea of yoga.

And then I got invited to be part of the trnd team trying out a new programme called Yogaia! It’s online yoga classes, where you link up with your webcam so that the instructor can guide you on your posture, but no one else in the class can see you. Win win, in my view. Plus there are recorded lessons which I’ll probably start with (just until I feel confident that I’m not going to face-plant my laptop or split open my sports bra by stretching too far…).

If anyone wants to try it out with me, you can sign up to a 14 day free trial using this link (until the 15th February). I’ll report back once I’ve tried out my first class – I might even post a photo. I’m pretty certain Benny will be joining me, which could be pretty funny!


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