Group Yoga and a Live Class!

A woman in black running trousers and a pale blue jacket does a shoulder stand in front of a large wardrobe
Heidi demonstrating a pose I cannot even imagine being able to do

Three friends came to stay this weekend, to celebrate my birthday by eating large amounts of pizza and ice cream and playing board games. This morning between meals and games I took the opportunity to rope a couple of them into doing a short Yogaia class with me. Anna had never done yoga before, I had done about half a dozen beginner’s classes and Heidi is an experienced yogi, so it was quite interesting.

Anna and I were laughing uncontrollably as we utterly failed not only to get into the poses but to even understand what poses we were supposed to be in, while Heidi calmly folded herself up like some kind of human origami project and maintained a zen-like focus. I don’t think Anna and I are constitutionally suited to yoga, but perhaps the zen-like focus and the origami-flexibility both come with practice.

Having said that, I am finding myself enjoying my Yogaia trial a lot more than I had anticipated, and I’ve decided I’ll take out a year’s subscription when the month’s trial is up. I’d expected to have to persuade myself to do a couple of sessions a week because it was good for me, but I’ve started looking forward to when I’ll next be able to do a class. On Saturday morning I even braved the live class, and hooked my webcam up to my laptop so that the instructor could see me. Fortunately in some ways, there were so many other people taking the same live class that she could barely see all the video screens and wasn’t able to critique our individual poses.

It was intriguing to find that it felt a bit different to be doing a live class compared to following a recorded class. I was aware of the fact that a real human being was at the other end of the internet connection, and there were other people also engaged in trying to form the shapes the teacher was making appear effortless. I’ll try and fit at least one live class a week into my schedule, but it’s definitely more convenient to find a recorded class whenever I fancy a yoga break.

After a failed attempt to try out a class with Benny in the same room (it is hard to maintain poise and focus on your breathing when there is a puppy leaping on your head), I have decided to conduct my yoga practice upstairs. Paige also quite likes joining in, but her version of joining in simply means sitting at the end of my yoga mat, or on the bed next to me, and watching with a slightly pitying expression, and then contorting herself into much more impressive poses. It’s a little disheartening that both my animals are better at yoga than me.

If anyone fancies trying out a class with me, you can get a 14 day free trial using this link. It’s valid until February 15th and you don’t have to give your card details (I always hate doing that, it’s like they want you to forget to cancel and pay for something you don’t necessarily want).


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