I spent an unexpected year off from university due to illness, and began this blog to keep my friends up to date with what I was doing. I found that I enjoyed blogging and being part of the WordPress community, so I carried on the blog when I returned to finish my law degree.

Since that time, I’ve changed direction a number of times, which I like to think is in keeping with the idea of an ad-libbed gap year. My life is somewhat ad lib, and I’ve got better at simply accepting that no matter how many detailed lists I write, no matter how intricate my planning or how concerted my efforts, I will never be in full control of what the future holds.

As of December 2016, the main cast of this blog (and of my life!) consists of me, May – a babysitter, audio transcriber, gardener and general odd-jobber with one and a half degrees and a tentative plan to become a therapeutic foster carer. Then there’s Naomi, my wonderful girlfriend, a trainee clinical psychologist, a wheelchair-using cyborg-person who crochets blankets at high speed and is mainly powered by coffee.

Heading up the furrier half of the family is Paige, a tripod rescue cat who dreams of outdoor adventures, soft beds and unfettered access to food. The most recent member of the gang is Benny, a rescue dog who has gleefully made the shift from Romanian street dog to pampered sofa dog. We all live in a friendly little town in Sussex, in a cottage that has almost enough personality quirks to make it an honorary member of the family.

Some of the posts on this blog contain quite intimate details about our lives, such about Naomi’s health and mobility needs or our experience as a Christian lesbian couple. You’re welcome to ask questions, either by email or in real life if you know us personally, but please pick your moment – one-to-one rather than in the middle of a party, for instance!


One thought on “About

  1. May! Thanks for your kind words! Your blog looks really interesting and I look forward to swapping law stories…Happy 2014 and thanks for getting in touch! Amy

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