Benny the Puppy

We got a dog!


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And then there were two… my new room mate has arrived!

Sharp-eyed readers or those in the know will have spotted a couple of things in the photos from my last post which will make more sense after this one!

I’ve wanted a cat for a very long time – my family have had cats on and off for at least the last ten years, and when I moved out I missed having them around. For a while I did have an illicit pet mouse in my room in college (somewhat an inadvertent acquisition when my neighbour bought one and then discovered she was allergic to rodents…) but as adorable as Stilton was, she was not very good at cuddling.

For the last month or so I’ve been wrangling with the RSPCA, who were very helpful but for various reasons not very efficient, and the upshot is… please welcome Paige! Continue reading