Exciting News!

I got an email yesterday… I got a place on the midwifery degree! I couldn’t believe it, I was all ready to get an email on May 9th saying that there weren’t any places left. I’m resisting the urge to start buying things for the course, because anything I buy now I’ll just have to move in June. Much more sensible to wait and buy what I know I need once I’ve moved… but it’s hard!

I also managed to finish my dissertation yesterday (other than the bibliography – that’s today’s project) and bought a beautiful dress for the dinners, garden parties and weddings I’m going to this summer. My diary and I had a long chat about what my summer will look like, and fortunately everything seems to be falling into place: my pre-course registration day at the new uni is two days after my graduation from this one, and my dad is happy to drive my stuff up to the new flat in his van. Fortunately my room licence here runs right until the day before graduation, and we can stay for two nights over the weekend which means no faffing or moving earlier in the month. Hurrah! Then if I do get the summer job, that starts two days after the registration day and finishes about six weeks before the course begins (a summer holiday!).

So yesterday was a pretty good day all round. Today I need to bash through the finishing touches on my dissertation and polish off the work for Tuesday’s supervision. It might also be a good idea if I did a bit of washing up… I have no clean plates, bowls or mugs and only a handful of cutlery. Roll on the new flat with a kitchen sink and a draining board! I’m determined to get straight into good washing up habits once I move in.


Ready for the New Year

Term starts in the first week of October, and I’ve been making arrangements for the last few weeks. I had to figure out when I’d be moving back into college (in fact I rather messed up – I’m moving in two days before my rent officially starts, so I have to pay extra) so that I could give notice on my storage unit. Choir starts up tomorrow for one service and then into a busy schedule the following Saturday, and I got my lecture timetable a couple of weeks ago.

This year’s timetable is pretty good. I have one 9am lecture (on a Monday, of course…), one 10am and the rest are between 11 and 4. Nothing that will clash with choir or tutoring, only one slightly inconvenient gap between lectures  and a couple of two-hour lectures which is new for me. Choir is on the same days as before, and I’ve got a new tutoring student for Mondays and Fridays. Somehow I let Louise talk me into going to a dance class on Monday nights, and I’ll be a chapel warden which means an extra service most weeks. So much for doing less this year! But I say that every year.

My research for my dissertation has gone pretty well this summer so far, despite the failed trip to the prison in Wisconsin, and I just downloaded Scrivener to organise it. I spent the evening working through the tutorial and it seems even better than I hoped. Is it a bit sad that I’m looking forwards to organising my notes because of a new piece of software?

Early train tomorrow. I only seem to have been here for five minutes – mum stayed in the hospital overnight yesterday so we went to see her in the late evening after I’d had a nap. I intended to go with John to pick her up this morning, but after waking up naturally at 8 and having  breakfast I fell back to sleep until lunchtime. Hopefully it’s just about the end of the jet lag. It will have to be!

Exciting Times Up Ahead

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but I don’t usually get this excited about my academic work so it felt worthy of documentation!

Tomorrow’s exam will either be fine, or a total disaster because the subjects I care about are not the ones that come up on the paper. The latter is unlikely, and even if my pet topics don’t come up I should be able to get through on the rote learning I did in lectures and reading. So that will be ok. I’m looking forwards to the chance to expostulate on my views on land law a bit; I enjoyed doing that for contract today.

The other academic excitement is related to next year. Third years get the option to write a dissertation instead of taking one of the exams, and I’ve decided to do that. My very broad topic area is “women and the law” and I realised that I could be eligible for more travel funding this summer if I could relate my American jaunts to my dissertation. It has rather snowballed from there, and today two different people contacted me to say they had three different and useful contacts to correction facilities. Amazingly, all three are in places I will be visiting during the trip anyway – close to friends who we’ll be going to see, or in the state I’m staying in. It rather feels like fate.